7 High fiber foods you must add to diet right now!

By Sanjay Kumar

What if I told you being on a diet could be delicious? Sounds good, doesn’t it? Believe it or not, it possible to lose weight by not starving yourself and eating filling foods. You just have to ensure one thing that whatever you eat is high on fiber. Fiber fills you up and makes you consume fewer calories. It keeps your bowels healthy and prevents digestive problems at bay.

Not sure which foods are packed with the nutrient? Worry not! Here are some of the yoof best sources, so head to the grocery store and stock up on these items to keep your body in shape:



1.Flaxseeds: Just a tbsp of these power-packed seeds makes for 3 grams of fiber. It is also a great source of omega-3 fats which help reduce inflammation and prevents heart disease and diabetes. For a super healthy meal add them to your salads or grind them with your smoothies or you could grind the seeds into a powder and simply top your curd up with it.



2.Almonds: This one is my favorite. It’s a nut with most nutrition. If you munch on a few almonds you have 15 percent of the day’s fiber! They are also a good source of magnesium and iron, nutrients most people don’t get enough of. To add them into your diet, throw them into your diet toss some into your oatmeal or porridge or you could eat them solo as a mini snack whenever you feel like munching.



3.Kidney beans: One of the most loved in Indian households, they are packed with protein and fiber. They’re tasty, cheap and loaded with hunger-busting fiber. If you want to lose weight and gain muscle you cannot miss this one.  Add them to soups, curries, or use the sprouted ones on a whole grain toast topped with some olive oil, rosemary, and garlic as an evening snack.



4.Legumes: They are made up of protein making them an ideal base to a vegetarian dish or a substitute for meat. Legumes are very cheap to buy, so including them as the main protein in your meals can save you money on your grocery bill. They are full of fiber and eating a bowl of legumes a regular basis will fulfill your protein, iron, folate, vitamin and manganese needs.



5.Avocados:  Also known as an alligator pear or butter fruit, Avocados have amazing benefits except for being loaded with fiber. They improve digestion, decreasing the risk of depression, and protection against cancer. They are highly nutritious and contain vitamin K, folate, potassium, vitamin B6, vitamin B5, vitamin E, and vitamin C. You could just mash them and spread them over a toast or just slice them into your salad, they taste scrumptious and must be a part of your daily diet.



6. Coconut: Known as a source of good cholesterol Coconut has high fiber content and contains manganese, Omega-6 fatty acids, folate, and selenium. Coconut is high in dietary fiber and provides a whopping 61% of fiber. Coconut fiber slows down the release of glucose and transports it to the cell where it is converted into energy. It assists in relieving stress on the pancreas and enzyme systems which reduce the risk of developing diabetes.



7.Broccoli: One cup of broccoli contains approximately 5.1 grams of fiber. Steamed broccoli is best to have and it goes well with soups and salmon. You could just make it a part of your everyday salad. If you don’t like it raw just go crazy with it and add to your stir fry vegetables with a few of your favorite homemade low-fat sauces and viola! Healthy and tasty meal all in one bowl.

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