11 food combos that help you lose weight faster

By Sanjay Kumar

2018 is coming to an end and if you have still not been able to achieve your weight loss goals we have some amazing recommendations for you! ‘“Eat more to lose weight.” Well, that might sound silly but there is a sound science that goes behind it. And no we are not asking you to load up on sugar or eat two scoops of ice cream. If you want that beach body or want to cut cellulite then you must learn to pair the right foods together on one plate.

All these duos below either cut fat, prevent bloating or help boost metabolism. Here are our delicious pairings that will instantly result in weight loss!



1.Bell Pepper & Eggs

All you need for this one is to grab a pepper and a few eggs and get them together. This absolutely scrumptious,  fat-frying duo will make you fit into your skinny jeans in no time. Eggs are high on a metabolism-boosting nutrient called choline, and peppers are a good source of vitamin C. But you may ask that ‘what has vitamin C to do with weight loss?’ Getting an adequate amount of the nutrient can help fight off cortisol, a hormone that causes fat to accumulate around the midsection. Chop some peppers, add them to a hot pan with some olive oil, add in two or three eggs and scramble them up to melt the fat.



2. Oatmeal & Berries

When trying to lose weight the myth is to go for food that’s tasteless or bad in taste. But this breakfast combo is delicious and super easy to make. Oatmeal topped with berries is a powerful weight loss duo. They contain an insoluble fiber which, according to Canadian researchers, boosts levels of ghrelin—a hormone that controls hunger. Berries are packed with chemicals called polyphenols that aid weight loss and can actually stop fat from forming. When you add this meal to your breakfast at least twice a week, you are sure to see six-pack before the summer season.


3.Pistachios & Almonds

A bag of chips might seem to be the most delicious snack and may taste good too but it is surely not going to give you a flat stomach. Bid goodbye to the starchy carbs and replace them with a combination of pistachios and almonds. According to dieticians, replacing that bag of air with nuts helps speed up weight loss. Also, amino acid L-arginine, found in almonds, helps the body burn more fat and carbs during workouts, too. So all the more reason to munch on these nuts.



4.Yogurt & Cinnamon

When you’ve almost reached your weight loss the goal, but are still few inches away from your desired body, all you need is this. Add a daily dose of vitamin D in the form of organic yogurt. Experts suggest that diets rich in both calcium and vitamin C decrease storage of fat in the body. While you know the benefits of yogurt pairing it up with cinnamon can double the benefits. It not only enhances the taste but it also contains powerful antioxidants that improve body composition and insulin sensitivity which can help ward off the accumulation of belly chub.



5. Banana & Spinach

Bananas are rich in potassium, a nutrient that helps banish bloating and can make you look less trim and fit than you actually are. Pair this mighty fruit with spinach, a low-cal veggie that boosts satiety and aids post-pump recovery, to create a fat-frying smoothie in just seconds. Simply throw a small banana, two handfuls of spinach and a cup of organic 1% or carrageenan-free almond milk (we like Silk Unsweetened variety) into a blender with a couple ice cubes, blend and enjoy!


6. Apples & Watermelon

When it comes to fruits almost all fruits are healthy, but some are better at fighting fat than others. Apples help in reducing visceral fat and are one of the best sources of fiber.  While watermelon is known to be one of the fruits for losing weight, as it melts the fat around your belly. This duo makes for a mouth-watering dessert and can also add flavor to your salad.



7. Coffee & Cinnamon

Kill the urge to binge and derail from your diet with a cup of cinnamon-spiked coffee. Cinnamon is calorie-free and can add a beautiful flavor to your coffee. It also contains powerful antioxidants that help reduce the stubborn of belly flab. This appetite-suppressing cup of caffeine is perfect to reach your six pack goals.



8.Potatoes & Pepper

Potatoes have been related to making you fat and have been blacklisted from most diets.  But on the contrary, many dieticians are now suggesting adding potatoes to your diet. Potatoes keep you filled and surprisingly they are actually more filling than fiber-rich brown rice and oatmeal! They are also a good source of potassium that helps banish bloating. But remember just because you are allowed to eat potatoes while on a diet doesn’t mean you go crazy with cheese and bacon toppings. The right way is to bake your potato and a few drops of olive oil and sprinkle pepper over it.  Pepper contains piperine, a compound that helps cut body fat and lower cholesterol levels.



9.Garlic & Fish

Fish is rich in omega-3 fatty acids, which help to reduce inflammation. It is also the great source of muscle-building protein and the more muscle you have on your body, the higher your metabolic rate. Garlic too is known to fasten your metabolic rate. So throw in garlic into the mix, and you have an effective blend for fighting belly fat.



10. Peanut Butter & Banana

Ward off mindless snacking by pairing a healthy source of protein ie. peanut butter with banana ie. a complex carb. The mix of two helps in muscle recovery post workout. It also keeps you filled longer. Peanut butter is rich in unsaturated fats, which are good fats. And unlike saturated fats, which experts suggest increase the storage of belly fat. You can eat this combination as an evening snack or whenever you feel like munching a snack.



11. Apple & Dark Chocolate

Are you one of those who crave a dessert after every meal? Dark chocolate is what you need. It’s a blissful dessert and is great for your waistline. Experts found that antioxidants in cocoa prevent from gaining excess weight and actually lower your blood-sugar levels. To add to the effect, try pairing your chocolate (at least 70% cacao) with some apple slices. The fruit speeds up your digestion process and reduces bloating.

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