What does a Victoria Secret Model eat?

By Sanjay Kumar

Models do have some secret diets and hack to keep their bodies camera perfect.



“If you want to look like a model give up all food and go on an endless fast”, this myth has been around for years. But what if I told you that the even the most famous Victoria’s secret models eat 5 meals a day. Surprising isn’t it? But what is the secret diet they follow to have the perfect looking body all year around? We share with you the Victoria’s Secret Model diet:



The diet mainly includes lean protein and green veggies. Without much ado here is the diet:

  • Breakfast – egg white omelet with spinach and turkey OR green smoothie with chia seeds
  • Lunch – chicken salad with brown rice
  • Dinner – grilled fish and green vegetables
  • Snacks – berries, almonds, nut butter, yogurt, protein shakes


The models don’t avoid carbs altogether. They will occasionally eat multigrain bread and oats but in small portions. They make sure they stay away from alcohol, other types of bread, processed carbs, and gluten.



The trick here is to eat small portions and eat every 3 hours. The models stick to eating 5 small meals a day instead of eating 3 big meals. Another secret is to avoid carbs altogether at night. Try and consume all carbs of the day for breakfast or lunch. Avoid carbs post lunch. This is because your body can metabolize carbs better in the morning (and post-workout), and is less likely to store them as fat. While at night it’s harder for the body to break them down and it stores them as fat.



Following the diets doesn’t mean you can’t binge once in a while. Models to have cheat days where they eat what they love. Dieticians suggest that it is important to have a cheat day to maintain a balance. Gigi Hadid digs into a French toast bagel with loads of cream cheese on her cheat day while Kendall Jenner enjoys pizzas and burgers. But this is not what they eat every day. Remember to follow the diet most of the days and it’s okay to binge once in a while.

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