‘Milk is healthy’ but only if paired right

By Sanjay Kumar

Pairing your food right is one of the most important parts of being healthy.

If you grew up in an Indian household you must have heard this endless number of times,  “drink milk to stay healthy all your life and milk is the solution to all your health problems.” But did you know milk if not paired right could be the cause of bloating and other health issues? Here are some ways to pair your milk right and some combinations that you must avoid.

5 Recommended Food Pairings :



 1. Milk and honey

· Cleanses and nourishes skin and gives it a healthy glow. Makes body agile and youthful

· This probiotic -prebiotic combination maintains a healthy gastrointestinal tract; cures constipation, flatulence, bloating and other intestinal disorders

· Treats respiratory disorders like cold and cough

· Improves stamina and insomnia



2. Milk and cereals

Choose a cereal from whole grain family and combine with skimmed or low-fat milk to derive maximum benefit!

· An excellent energy source

· Micronutrient(vitamins and minerals) fortified cereals fulfills the body requirement of essential nutrients including iron, zinc, phosphorous, folic acid, Vitamin E, C & B

· A high fiber source provides a healthy digestive system, gives a feeling of fullness, maintains healthy weight and sugar levels

· Completes the body’s daily requirement of high-quality nutritious protein.



3. Milk and bananas

Include this combo as a part of a nutritious snack!

· Bananas contain ‘inulin’ a type of fiber that enhances calcium absorption. Milk calcium plus inulin together creates a recipe for stronger bones

· Works as fuel to provide immediate energy to the body with a feeling of fullness.



4. Milk and turmeric

· Turmeric heats up the body and provides quick relief from bacterial and viral infections

· An excellent source of antioxidants and  anti-inflammatory properties, it prevents and protects from arthritis, swelling due to inflammations, joint pains, stomach ulcers, indigestion, menstrual pain & cramps, and headache

· Works as a blood purifier and boost blood circulation

· Works as a soothing lotion to reduce skin patches/ redness controls oil production and improves skin tone.



5. Milk and nuts

Choose a perfect match from a wide range of nuts. Just keep a watch on portion control!

· Almond milk offers nearly 30% recommended daily amount of calcium and 25% recommended daily amount of vitamin D reducing the risk of arthritis and osteoporosis

· Nuts especially walnuts are an excellent source of unsaturated fats ‘omega 3’.They reduce the risk of heart disease, lower bad cholesterol, promotes smooth blood flow and maintains blood pressure

· Nuts are calorie dense because of the high-fat content. But 90% fat is present as a healthy fat. Mix nut milk serves a good choice for people looking for weight gain. Also being a rich source of fiber, nuts induces a feeling of fullness for long duration thus helps lose weight.


5 common food pairing to avoid :



1.Milk and high starchy foods

Milk and other dairy products like cream, cheese are incompatible with high starchy foods like refined wheat, pasta, bread. It creates ‘after meal fatigue’ since the body requires very high energy to digest this meal. Also, the digestive juices in animal protein and carbohydrate nullify the effects of each macronutrient causing digestive discomfort, gas, and flatulence.



2.Milk and another high protein source

In general protein/protein combinations like nuts with yogurt or milk with eggs or milk with meat are not recommended as concentrated proteins take a long time to break down, giving a load to the digestive system and depleting the energy. Single concentrated protein per meal is easier to digest and does not require much energy. If consumed together, the addition of a high water content vegetable like onion, broccoli or lettuce is suggested.



3. Milk-based cereals with orange/citrus juice

Citrus juices being acidic are digested quickly and milk being a complete protein takes a longer time to digest. When milk combines with acid present in orange juice the milk gets curdled and turns into a heavy mucus forming substance. Thus drinking milk and juice at the same time is uncomfortable. To keep it healthy consuming juice at least 30minutes before milk is suggested.



4. Milk and salt

Milk contains specific calcium compounds responsible for curdling action and emulsifying the coagulated milk fats. Addition of sodium salt can interfere with these compounds and delay or prevent curdling mechanism, emulsification and protein metabolism of the milk. However compatible milk products are cheese, yogurt, and butter as these are pre curdled and emulsified.



5. Milk-based tea/coffee after meals

Tea and coffee prevent proper absorption of foods by disrupting the acid medium of the stomach which results in delayed digestion of foods. It also deteriorates many essential nutrients present in food. Hence drinking tea or coffee just after meal must be avoided.








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